Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Two Things:

1st - No, for the most part I don't proof read the posts before I hit publish. I just read yesterday's post. UGH! Makes me look like an idiot.

Note to Self: Get your act together, GIRL! Proof Read!

2nd - Went to the ladies' gathering last night for my friend's brother. Turns out there were TONS of people there. Lots of men, but they were outside. Us ladies were inside. I sat next to my friend's brother's widow. She will be 20 in two weeks. There was a short talk about death, and we all read chapters of the Quran so that collectively the entire Quran was read last night by those who gathered. I had to do it in English. These ladies did it in Arabic because that is their language.

I drew a rather long chapter, so while I read many people were talking. I listened in. I learned a lot about my friend's brother. I didn't know him, but he must have been a hell of a guy. Sweet and kind. Juliette, his widow, talked about how loving he was. He sent her flowers all the time. He texted his love constantly. She said that last year they spent her birthday in the hospital because he was so sick. They watched a movie together and giggled with each other the whole evening. She said they were each others' whole world. I have memories like that of times with Zeus - except we have enjoyed God-given good health. I cherish such memories.

I was struck by what Juliette had said. She's so young, but clearly a deep soul. I could tell from the things she said, that she truly knows love through the relationship she had with her husband. As odd as it may seem to say something like this, she has an experience most of us will never have - to be so young, to have loved so wonderfully, and to face moving on. She will be forever strengthened in a way most of us never are. And I know it, the way I know my own name, that she will have a great life where she shares much insight with those around her. She's not like most 20-year-old girls.

Now, go back and proof read!

Caught 4 typos! :-)

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