Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Not 17 - 19 Nineteen - NINETEEN

It isn't a record for me, but it was the largest crowd I've had in a decade.  And it was awesome.  I felt loved.  And the food was great. 

I've lately (read: last two years or so) felt that my cooking mojo was all but lost, but it reappeared in time for Thanksgiving.  With Paula in my head, things went without a hitch. 

And then I stopped blogging.  How could that be?!?!?  The madness of the season, I suppose.

Now I have a big review tomorrow, so here I am blogging :-) 

Our lab moved.  It wasn't pretty.  It isn't pretty.  The new lab sucks.  Designed by people who don't actually work in a hardware lab.  Like, you can't get behind the benches to work on the back of a machine because they installed some fancy-ass covering so that things would look cool.  And the benches aren't "two tier."  They are a simple bench with shelves above.  The stuff above should be sturdy enough for a 4U, fully loaded system, but alas, I better not stack more than a few paperclips or it'll all come down on my head.

Do more with less.  Test hardware without hardware.  Virtualize...  HA! Visualize...  Imagine hardware working together.