Monday, January 10, 2011



Yesterday afternoon I took the kids to the local ice rink, where they take lessons, for free skate time. I rented a pair of skates, too. I figured after watching these lessons for a year, I kinda maybe could get out there and give it a whirl...

And I had So. Much. FUUUUNNNN!!! I had to take it kinda slow, but after my first lap around the rink, I moved away from the wall and really started to skate. I'm sure I looked ridiculous, but I don't care! S & Z skated around and around and came up to me to see how I was doing. Z give me a thumbs-up a couple of times! We skated for over an hour.

Yes, I fell once on my left hip. Seems I'll live, though. I remembered what I saw them teach about how to get back up, and I had no trouble at all - I was back on my feet in no time!

It was such a rush! We can't wait until next week to go again!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Our Founding Father

About two days ago Z. asked me who George Washington is. I told him he was the first president of the United States. I also mentioned that he was the General in charge of the Army that won the Revolutionary War. Z. wanted to know where he is now. I told him that I think he's buried either at Arlington National Cemetery or at his home in Mount Vernon.

Turns out he's interred in the family vault at Mount Vernon - and estate be bought largely with Martha's money.

Z. asked me how old George is. I explained that he would be really old, but that he has passed away and gone to Jennah.

Z. does not think this is right. Why could he be dead?

Well, the thing about this is I now have three really cool things going on about this historic information:

1. Z. is interested in people and he wants to know everything he can about GW.
2. Z. is wrestling with understanding that people just don't live to be roughly 300 years old.
3. My family is interested in history - YEAH! Because, of course, if Z. is asking questions, S. wants to know what's going on.

We spent 20 minutes reading through the highlights of GW's life on wikipeadia last night. It was cool.

Sometimes I wonder who Z. really is...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Gots Me a Homey

My homegirl, S, is amazing. R. pointed out to me that she is loyal to me no matter what. We have our tough times, even though she is so young, but we are bonded.

She teaches me that I am lovable.

Last year her kindergarden teacher mentioned to me that she saw that S. looks up to me and idolizes me. May I be worthy of such blind love.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Pulling Teeth

Well, not exactly pulling. Truth is, while I don't mind if my kids (yes, *my* kids - not just any kids) barf all over me in the middle of the night, or in customs and immigration just as we depart for a 30 + hour journey, I really just can't take loose teeth.

S's tooth has been loose for weeks. At least it seems that way to me :-) She kept showing me and saying she wished it would come out. Teacher Blanca, the remarkable, dear-hearted soul who runs our happy little school, is reputed to be very good with loose teeth, so I told S. that we would talk to Teacher Blanca this morning.

But last night during dinner, after a terrible homework episode (which I must admit was just as terrible because of me as it was because of her), the tooth fell out during dinner.


She's overjoyed. I am glad she is happy and that her father held out his hand to receive the tooth from her cherub's mouth :-)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Two Wheels

We started with a bang. Took off the training wheels on both the kids' bikes and off they went! Steering is a bit of an issue, but they are doing great. We ran around with them for almost two hours - until it was too dark to stay out any longer. We had a great time.

S. is reading everything in sight. She's sitting next to me now reading! I am using the new MacBook Pro R. gave me. Its a nice machine. Tomorrow I'll buy the upgrade to Snow Leopard. I think I like this Mac business :-) Gonna figure out skype tomorrow and try to get the kids skyping with Nudrat in Pakistan.