Monday, January 3, 2011

Pulling Teeth

Well, not exactly pulling. Truth is, while I don't mind if my kids (yes, *my* kids - not just any kids) barf all over me in the middle of the night, or in customs and immigration just as we depart for a 30 + hour journey, I really just can't take loose teeth.

S's tooth has been loose for weeks. At least it seems that way to me :-) She kept showing me and saying she wished it would come out. Teacher Blanca, the remarkable, dear-hearted soul who runs our happy little school, is reputed to be very good with loose teeth, so I told S. that we would talk to Teacher Blanca this morning.

But last night during dinner, after a terrible homework episode (which I must admit was just as terrible because of me as it was because of her), the tooth fell out during dinner.


She's overjoyed. I am glad she is happy and that her father held out his hand to receive the tooth from her cherub's mouth :-)

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