Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Two Things:

1st - No, for the most part I don't proof read the posts before I hit publish. I just read yesterday's post. UGH! Makes me look like an idiot.

Note to Self: Get your act together, GIRL! Proof Read!

2nd - Went to the ladies' gathering last night for my friend's brother. Turns out there were TONS of people there. Lots of men, but they were outside. Us ladies were inside. I sat next to my friend's brother's widow. She will be 20 in two weeks. There was a short talk about death, and we all read chapters of the Quran so that collectively the entire Quran was read last night by those who gathered. I had to do it in English. These ladies did it in Arabic because that is their language.

I drew a rather long chapter, so while I read many people were talking. I listened in. I learned a lot about my friend's brother. I didn't know him, but he must have been a hell of a guy. Sweet and kind. Juliette, his widow, talked about how loving he was. He sent her flowers all the time. He texted his love constantly. She said that last year they spent her birthday in the hospital because he was so sick. They watched a movie together and giggled with each other the whole evening. She said they were each others' whole world. I have memories like that of times with Zeus - except we have enjoyed God-given good health. I cherish such memories.

I was struck by what Juliette had said. She's so young, but clearly a deep soul. I could tell from the things she said, that she truly knows love through the relationship she had with her husband. As odd as it may seem to say something like this, she has an experience most of us will never have - to be so young, to have loved so wonderfully, and to face moving on. She will be forever strengthened in a way most of us never are. And I know it, the way I know my own name, that she will have a great life where she shares much insight with those around her. She's not like most 20-year-old girls.

Now, go back and proof read!

Caught 4 typos! :-)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Funeral Today

The younger brother of a friend of mine succumbed to leukemia after nearly a two year battle. He was 27 years old. I'll remember him. His birthday is the day after Iron man's.

I remember people's birthdays. I don't make some huge deal, but I remember them. I remember all kinds of people's birthdays. I have remembered C's birthday every year since I met her in 4th grade.

Zeus went to the burial. They are a different flavor of Middle Eastern - actually since Zeus is South Asian he not Middle Eastern at all, but anyway... Not the same foreign language as Zeus. But his participated in the community of it and that is a great thing. I appreciate that he did this, since he really didn't actually know anybody.

Tonight I'll go spend the evening with the ladies. I know a few people who will be there, including his only sister. The sister is my friend. There will be a lot of foreign language going on, but that's okay. Sometimes all that's required is the comfort of your physical presence.

Monday, June 27, 2011

I Had Some Insight This Weekend

As I walked down the hall way in my place, from the bedroom to the kitchen, I realized something astonishing.

Zeus is an "all in" kinda guy. He's serious about emotions. Happy ones, sad ones, all the ones in between, he puts himself into them. He seems like an even-keel kinda guy, but under the surface...

Anyway, earlier in the day he was talking about relationships and how difficult they seem to be. And I could see that he goes over and over them, agonizing over them and what may be wrong with him that they are so difficult and now how he would like them to be. It really made me sad. Watching him suffer of this stuff makes me sad. I try to help - its my nature - but I really don't know what to do to help. We do talk quite a bit and I try to validate him, but that's not doing the trick.

Anyway, he'd been agonizing throughout the afternoon and I just tried to reassure him. But once we got home and started doing other stuff he seemed to lighten up.

So as I walked down the hall I realized he's just like Iron Man. When Iron Man is upset about something the best thing to do is distract him from it. I am not good at this. Zeus is masterful. Perhaps, after a certain amount of talking and validating, I need to move into the distraction phase with Zeus.

This kinda goes against my nature, but doing it anyway may be good for both of us. It may help him move out of the funk, and I'd learn not to talk things to death quite so much.

We are always growing, aren't we?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Haiku Friday

Its haiku Friday again! Today's word is dying. This is interesting, as I was musing about that while navigating the 85+101 interchange at 9:30AM, having approached it from the Northbound 85 up, over and down into the jammed abyss.

Anyhow... Dying

Handle the body
Thought it was so important
For their heart to choose

Dying decisions
To be scattered to the wind
But now, let them choose

I try to get that twist in the last line, but I think I need to keep practicing.

I like this exercise. Big thanks to Kim!

Edited to Add: Go over to her page for today's haiku because there are two great haiku's in the comments - well worth the click to savor for yourselves.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Books and Bookshelves

So I follow this blog. Today Angela posted this on her blog.. BTW - Angela can be found at goodreads.

Her post got me to thinking. I've been a grown up for a long time (i.e. I've had my own household for 26 years). My definition of grown up is a post for another time. When I was a child we had book shelves. And on the shelves were books. In fact, the shelves were packed with books. Not nick-nacks, books. Real books. Heavy, hard cover books. And a set of Encyclopaedia Britannica. (Yes, I had to look up the spelling, but I knew that the real work had that blended a-e thing going on! I knew I needed spelling help, though; I am proud to be aware of my short comings :-)). This paragraph is getting long, and its rambling...

I grew up around books. My father, to this day, is a voracious reader. He even got a nook about 7 months ago, that he loves so much that he got the newest one this past weekend.

Decades ago, when the folks divorced, the splitting up of books and book cases was a memorable deal. Much squabbling ensued. He got two book cases because he had more books. Our apartment in NYC, on West End Ave. in the lower 70's, during the lower 70's :-), displayed his book proudly. And it just seemed normal to me to have books all over the place. And my friend C's parents, they had books, too. Two walls covered in books in their 83rd & Riverside Drive penthouse. I just seemed normal to me.

I had books, too. And my dad put up shelves in my room. I rode the subway to school every day and I read. Every day. I loved to read. I still do. I read Gone With The Wind on the A train. My father had taught me to take a book with me where ever I go. You never know when you might be waiting around... I still do. I get twitchy if I don't have something handy to read.

When we made the Great Move from normal, natural, homey coast to granola-sunglasses coast I boxed up my books and off we went. By then we had M. She came complete with books. And records. She's a musician. By then it was the low 80's. I unpacked my books. But I was not home. They unpacked their books and displayed them in the living room. Seemed perfectly normal to me. It looked nice, actually. BTW, these books had been read, by at least one member of the household if not more.

Anyway, I flew the coop promptly upon reaching legal voting age. I don't remember how my books got packed, but I ended up with them in boxes. I moved a lot for the next 5 or so years. Taking them out as often as I had enough room for them. But alas, I have lived in my current apartment, where I've since shed several room mates, married, housed in-laws for extended stays, and brought home two fabulous babies over the course of the last 15 years, and my books are in the original boxes from the right coast and housed securely in the farthest reaches of my mom's garage (which is pretty buried considering its a "tandem" garage, where one care is parked in front of the other and the storage is behind both cars.

Anyhow... For all these years I have felt odd about my books packed away. They should be out and around me. They are the single true collection of my life. And they mean so much. I love them. Each tome I remember. I remember the story, the author, when I got the book. Where I read it, how it settled with me. And I have notes stuffed into the pages. Names, phone numbers, address, maps... My memories are in those books.

And how sad, that in 15 years I've had none of that nor have I continued in my crazy-old-lady way of keeping important little moments stuffed into the pages - some random, others with purpose.

I've rambled long enough. Books are good and people should read them and have them handy in shelves in their homes. I should have mine. But "should" is another post for another time, and perhaps a different blog.

I love my books and will liberate them.

And yes, if you know me well, I seem to have lost 6 years somewhere :-) And no, I have absolutely no idea where they might have gone. I do know this. They were blessed and great.

Twice today I have been reminded that love is the only true force. And I know its true. After all, I love like crazy, it blinds me, it motivates me, and just feels like its the only thing that really matters.

Love ya crazy! I truly do.

And speaking of love. Please give my girl Cherry some love. She's great. She's awesome. Click on over and get to know her. You'll see what I mean.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Haiku Friday - Mix

I didn't get my act together last week for Haiku Friday. I was kinda down and just couldn't quite do it.

But I am back in the saddle today! I am ready for Haiku Friday - Mix

My children are great
Beautiful Bold Strong and Kind
Both the perfect mix

Thursday, June 16, 2011

In Other News... IBM

Was born 100 years ago today. Its was a merger of 4 separate companies. One of the companies made cheese slicers :-)

Big Blue has been a big part of my life. I've never actually been employed by them personally, but my father spent something on the order of 40 years of his career there.

They paid for my braces. Thank you Mr. Watson.

I almost worked for them about a year and a half ago, but instead of being acquired by legions of folks in blue suits, my faltering establishment was snapped up by an aging billionaire playboy trying to live out his dream of being even greater than IBM; Complete.

But I digress...

IBM shaped our world in ways that most people don't even realize. They are a great company, to be studied and respected.

Riots in Vancouver

Vancouver is my favorite place in my beloved Canada. Early in the previous decade I had the great good fortune to actually live in this most wonderful of cities for about 5 weeks. I wasn't even working - which made it even more glorious, of course.

With the exception of a slightly seedy area south of downtown, Vancouver felt like one of the safest places in the world as far as I was concerned. I can't imagine Canadians trashing their own beautiful city. I understand the voracious enthusiasm for ice hockey; I am a fan of the highest order! GO SHARKS! But riots?!?! RIOTS?!?!?!

150 people requiring hospitalization and something like 100 more arrested. And 14 police officers hospitalized?!?!?!?!?!?! Incomprehensible. Unthinkable in Vancouver, BC.

If you ask me, it must have been immigrants. I don't mean to offend anyone, but I just can't imagine my beloved Canadians behaving like this.

I still love Cananda! Oh Canada!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh, Canada!

I'm coming home! I get to go to Canada! I get to go to Canada! I don't know what I did right, but the karma came through and we are going to Canada!


We are going to Quebec City! My French is pathetic, but the Canadians are so nice - they'll speak to me in English. I am sure of it!

I am just starting to plan our trip. Its a good idea to take a vacation. I haven't had a vacation in a really long time. I need a break. And where better than Canada!

Funny, though, because things are going better at work now. I have an exciting new project and everything. I guess good comes in waves.

Canada! Canada! Canada!

Falling Behind

I have fallen behind. I have two or three things I wanted to post about, but time has gotten away from me. Perhaps I'll catch up this week. A girl can dream.

Yesterday was the beginning of the summer program in which I have enrolled my children. Its high tech and high fun! I wish it was a tiny bit more structured, though. Especially for Iron Man. He needs a little help getting from one activity to another and actually getting to do them, rather than seeing that the room is too full. I paid good, hard earned cash - a *lot* - for this and I will assert myself with them tomorrow if necessary.

Sometimes you gotta be the squeaky wheel.

When we arrived yesterday afternoon to pick up Tinker Bell and Iron Man, Iron Man was walking toward the play ground with a cup of water. Tinker Bell had sent him to fetch water so that she could make better mud. These two really know how to work together, and Tink is a born delegator :-) (Seems delegator isn't a word... I'll check google and be right back... Yep, its not English - nor any other language, but I am using it anyway - y'all know what I am trying to say!)

Anyway, there was Iron Man walking down the way, so we called out to him. He turned around and immediately wailed, "I don't want to leave!"

Seems he had a good time.

Tink says its the best place ever!

I sure hope things continue this way.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Techno Lust

I get it bad. I don't like to read articles about technology and gadgets, but once I've actually seen a gadget in action, I'm a goner.

I am no geek, though. I dreamed of cell phones in the 80's because I wanted to be able to call my grandmother while I drove to work, because driving to work is a supreme waste of time, but if I could talk to Grammy, that's no waste of time at all. My point is, I just longed for efficiency. I still do.

So, what's my type? Small, bright and stylish little gadgets - sleek and light weight. Preferably with an Apple imprint adorning its otherwise uncluttered exterior.

Alas, an iphone isn't in the cards for me. I won't leave my cell carrier. My cell carrier rocks. I get signal all over the creation that I traverse and won't sacrifice that, not even for beauty. My materialism knows bounds.

But, and ipad2. Come to mama... A co-working brought his new baby in on Monday and we gathered around to catch a glimpse of the beauty. It was so thin I was afraid to touch it, and in fact I didn't. But I wanted to.

And I've been jonsing ever since. I gotta have one. I see the adds in the margins of some of the websites I frequent, but I just don't have the nerve to actually click through and offer up my credit card for a deal that is probably too sweet to be true, or at least good for me and my identity.

Plus, at the end of the day, I don't easily part with my money. I talk a good game, but I don't have the nerve to plunk down the cash. I've been strapped at times in my life, and Zeus lived poor most of his life, so we are pretty tightfisted. Furthermore, don't forget I am Scottish...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not How I Thought It Would Go

Today didn't turn out the way I thought it would.

Today was Iron Man's Pre-K Graduation Ceremony. Caps, tassels and *adorable* t-shirts.

I was in the emergency room with my mom. She fell in the parking lot. She'll be fine, as it turns out she only needed five stitches to close the wound above her lip. Her face is badly bruised.

I am sad that I missed this graduation. His first. But Huddah had my camera and Zeus was taking video, as was Br. Moosa, so I think I'll get a chance to see how thing turned out. I'll get the pictures off my camera tomorrow.

I was advised to stay with mom over night, so Iron Man and Tinker Bell insisted on coming, too, so we are camped on the air mattress in the living room.

My heart isn't broken, but I am disappointed. But, I have faith that he'll have lots more graduations - the one I really don't want to miss is the one for his PhD. My father noted in a recent phone call that this year is the 50th anniversary of his PhD. He's a EE. He went to Penn State and the University of Michigan. Iron Man kinda looks like my dad - I sure hope he got his brains!

Tinker Bell was let out of class to attend the ceremony. I am glad that she was there. My mom was very sad that she missed the graduation, too.

This is the kind of day that really makes me want a do-over.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Tomorrow's The Big Day

Iron Man's first, of what will culminate in a couple of decades with a PhD in something that will make him (and us!) rich, graduation ceremony is tomorrow. He's really excited. So am I.

We've got t-shirts (the school said not robes), caps, tassels, pizza, cake, balloons, goody bags, a slide show. The teachers have put together a program for the children to show off what they've learned. Its going to be great.

And bittersweet. And Marvelous!

I formed a committee back in March (yes, of this year - not last!) to find out what parents would like to do and to get people going. Turns out most folks are all talk and little action, but in the end, there were enough of us to make it work out. We held a couple of bake sales and raised most of the money to pay for all this stuff. These are tough times to be asking parents to shell out more money.

We'll blow up the balloons tomorrow morning. Zeus will bring the video camera. I'll bring my camera. There will be awesomeness.

I am thankful.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Thus Ends Another Busy Week

And its Haiku Friday. I'll do that late tonight - I gotta jam outta this office, onto the freeway, off the freeway, onto the expressway, off the expressway, down the side streets and park the blue car in front of my place pretty soon so that I can throw the munchkins into their ghi's and get them off to Karate.

Notice I didn't say ghee! :-) A little Desi humor :-)

A blessed week is on the cusp of a blessed weekend. Tomorrow morning I go to the dentist to have a previously filled cavity re-worked. I've only had 3 cavities in my entire life. Oh, and one broken tooth about a year ago. Dental Fortitude. I have it.

Yep, tomorrow's post will expound my Dental Fortitude and be named thusly.

Hey, did I tell you? When I went to the dentist about a month ago she has her x-ray machine setup to take the xray and immediate display it in hi-def on a computer screen? It is super-cool. That's how she could see that she want to drill my tooth out a bit more - according to her it looks soft under the original amalgam. Hey! I spelled amalgam right on the first try!

Its a blessed Friday indeed. Time to quit while I am ahead.

I am thankful to be in a happy place in my head where I entertain myself and feel generally happy. Thank you.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday - Seriously?!?

Three day weekends are great, but with my job, and my dreaded boss, its just a short week in which I must do 5 days worth of work. Its almost not worth it.

But man was it a nice weekend! I have a post in the works about Saturday night. Suffice to say, it was fab.

I almost don't want to write it out loud, but work is going fairly well. Must be my new red peep toes with the 3 inch heels.

S. and Z. are excited about the end of the school year. The plans are made and the parties are just about on. Thank goodness the planning and fund raising are over. I spent a lot of time on the pre-k stuff. The caps and tassels were delivered yesterday. The kids will really look cute.

Things are just going along. Its kinda nice. Wonder how long it will last :-)