Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not How I Thought It Would Go

Today didn't turn out the way I thought it would.

Today was Iron Man's Pre-K Graduation Ceremony. Caps, tassels and *adorable* t-shirts.

I was in the emergency room with my mom. She fell in the parking lot. She'll be fine, as it turns out she only needed five stitches to close the wound above her lip. Her face is badly bruised.

I am sad that I missed this graduation. His first. But Huddah had my camera and Zeus was taking video, as was Br. Moosa, so I think I'll get a chance to see how thing turned out. I'll get the pictures off my camera tomorrow.

I was advised to stay with mom over night, so Iron Man and Tinker Bell insisted on coming, too, so we are camped on the air mattress in the living room.

My heart isn't broken, but I am disappointed. But, I have faith that he'll have lots more graduations - the one I really don't want to miss is the one for his PhD. My father noted in a recent phone call that this year is the 50th anniversary of his PhD. He's a EE. He went to Penn State and the University of Michigan. Iron Man kinda looks like my dad - I sure hope he got his brains!

Tinker Bell was let out of class to attend the ceremony. I am glad that she was there. My mom was very sad that she missed the graduation, too.

This is the kind of day that really makes me want a do-over.

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