Monday, June 27, 2011

I Had Some Insight This Weekend

As I walked down the hall way in my place, from the bedroom to the kitchen, I realized something astonishing.

Zeus is an "all in" kinda guy. He's serious about emotions. Happy ones, sad ones, all the ones in between, he puts himself into them. He seems like an even-keel kinda guy, but under the surface...

Anyway, earlier in the day he was talking about relationships and how difficult they seem to be. And I could see that he goes over and over them, agonizing over them and what may be wrong with him that they are so difficult and now how he would like them to be. It really made me sad. Watching him suffer of this stuff makes me sad. I try to help - its my nature - but I really don't know what to do to help. We do talk quite a bit and I try to validate him, but that's not doing the trick.

Anyway, he'd been agonizing throughout the afternoon and I just tried to reassure him. But once we got home and started doing other stuff he seemed to lighten up.

So as I walked down the hall I realized he's just like Iron Man. When Iron Man is upset about something the best thing to do is distract him from it. I am not good at this. Zeus is masterful. Perhaps, after a certain amount of talking and validating, I need to move into the distraction phase with Zeus.

This kinda goes against my nature, but doing it anyway may be good for both of us. It may help him move out of the funk, and I'd learn not to talk things to death quite so much.

We are always growing, aren't we?

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