Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Falling Behind

I have fallen behind. I have two or three things I wanted to post about, but time has gotten away from me. Perhaps I'll catch up this week. A girl can dream.

Yesterday was the beginning of the summer program in which I have enrolled my children. Its high tech and high fun! I wish it was a tiny bit more structured, though. Especially for Iron Man. He needs a little help getting from one activity to another and actually getting to do them, rather than seeing that the room is too full. I paid good, hard earned cash - a *lot* - for this and I will assert myself with them tomorrow if necessary.

Sometimes you gotta be the squeaky wheel.

When we arrived yesterday afternoon to pick up Tinker Bell and Iron Man, Iron Man was walking toward the play ground with a cup of water. Tinker Bell had sent him to fetch water so that she could make better mud. These two really know how to work together, and Tink is a born delegator :-) (Seems delegator isn't a word... I'll check google and be right back... Yep, its not English - nor any other language, but I am using it anyway - y'all know what I am trying to say!)

Anyway, there was Iron Man walking down the way, so we called out to him. He turned around and immediately wailed, "I don't want to leave!"

Seems he had a good time.

Tink says its the best place ever!

I sure hope things continue this way.

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