Friday, June 3, 2011

Thus Ends Another Busy Week

And its Haiku Friday. I'll do that late tonight - I gotta jam outta this office, onto the freeway, off the freeway, onto the expressway, off the expressway, down the side streets and park the blue car in front of my place pretty soon so that I can throw the munchkins into their ghi's and get them off to Karate.

Notice I didn't say ghee! :-) A little Desi humor :-)

A blessed week is on the cusp of a blessed weekend. Tomorrow morning I go to the dentist to have a previously filled cavity re-worked. I've only had 3 cavities in my entire life. Oh, and one broken tooth about a year ago. Dental Fortitude. I have it.

Yep, tomorrow's post will expound my Dental Fortitude and be named thusly.

Hey, did I tell you? When I went to the dentist about a month ago she has her x-ray machine setup to take the xray and immediate display it in hi-def on a computer screen? It is super-cool. That's how she could see that she want to drill my tooth out a bit more - according to her it looks soft under the original amalgam. Hey! I spelled amalgam right on the first try!

Its a blessed Friday indeed. Time to quit while I am ahead.

I am thankful to be in a happy place in my head where I entertain myself and feel generally happy. Thank you.

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