Friday, September 30, 2011

Be the Climate and not the Thermometer

This quote is attributed to Keith Urban by Jake Owen. Jake was interviewed on a local country radio station this morning - and yes, I have a country music station preset in my ride. Country music is fun. I like it. So sue me.

Anyway, Jake is on tour with Keith. Jake said that Keith is a very positive person. Jake had loaned some CD's to Keith, telling him that they were some of his current favorites. The next day Keith returned them and thanked Jake for sharing something that he liked. Keith pointed out that most of the time people are talking about things they hate, and therefore found it quite positive to share something Jake liked. Keith went on to point out to Jake that you can choose to be the Climate and not the Thermometer.

Obviously I really liked this bit of philosophy.

Country Music - words to live by...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

In the Swing

So it seems we are in the swing of things. We are getting to school, getting the homework done and getting to our various activities. I just try to pace myself. The washing machine died yesterday. Now I need to squeeze in a trip to the laundry mat - UGH! Picture day was last Monday. We got the pictures back yesterday. They are great! What a relief. We don't have to deal with trying to get a re-take. Yippy! At this point in time Rapunzel's teeth are too big for her delicate face, but even so, she looks like an absolute angel. Perhaps I am biased, but Lord Above is she one gorgeous girl. And Iron Man looks all grown up. I am really pleased with the shirt I had him wear. I bought the CD, so we'll put the pics out on flickr for the family. We are reading The Hobbit. As I read aloud I can't help but wonder what Iron Man sees... Its a little beyond him, but he lays next to me listening quietly, so I guess he's entertained. Rapunzel's enjoying it, too. Although I think she'd rather that I read Harry Potter. We got it from the library on Tuesday. But I will make her read that herself. Although she's in second grade her reading level is 5th grade. There may be more detail than she has patience for, but I think its good that she pushes herself. Besides, while I never got into Harry Potter, it seems that its literature-crack for kids of all ages, so I am more than willing to deal :-) A love of reading is one of the greatest gifts my father ever gave me.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Refreshed and Revived

August sure was one busy month. So much vacation! It was awesome. And awesome for my soul. I feel better prepared to take on the world. And I have some big plans. Fueled, of course, but the invigorating new music of my life - Yes, I remain completely in love with and in awe of Mark Knopfler. In the mean time, on the homefront, the children are back in school - Z. is in kindergarten now. He's doing awesome. S. is in 2nd grade and loving it. She's so smart - she makes learning look effortless. The night before last she wrote a three page story about me and my best friend, Carla. Three pages!! She's not even 7 years old! And she reads at the 5th grade level. She'll be reading at the high school level by the end of this school year. If you can read, the world is yours. Literacy is the key to all things. I've missed many a haiku Friday, but I'll get back on the wagon next week IA! My heart is happy - I hope yours is, too.