Friday, September 30, 2011

Be the Climate and not the Thermometer

This quote is attributed to Keith Urban by Jake Owen. Jake was interviewed on a local country radio station this morning - and yes, I have a country music station preset in my ride. Country music is fun. I like it. So sue me.

Anyway, Jake is on tour with Keith. Jake said that Keith is a very positive person. Jake had loaned some CD's to Keith, telling him that they were some of his current favorites. The next day Keith returned them and thanked Jake for sharing something that he liked. Keith pointed out that most of the time people are talking about things they hate, and therefore found it quite positive to share something Jake liked. Keith went on to point out to Jake that you can choose to be the Climate and not the Thermometer.

Obviously I really liked this bit of philosophy.

Country Music - words to live by...

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