Friday, January 7, 2011

Our Founding Father

About two days ago Z. asked me who George Washington is. I told him he was the first president of the United States. I also mentioned that he was the General in charge of the Army that won the Revolutionary War. Z. wanted to know where he is now. I told him that I think he's buried either at Arlington National Cemetery or at his home in Mount Vernon.

Turns out he's interred in the family vault at Mount Vernon - and estate be bought largely with Martha's money.

Z. asked me how old George is. I explained that he would be really old, but that he has passed away and gone to Jennah.

Z. does not think this is right. Why could he be dead?

Well, the thing about this is I now have three really cool things going on about this historic information:

1. Z. is interested in people and he wants to know everything he can about GW.
2. Z. is wrestling with understanding that people just don't live to be roughly 300 years old.
3. My family is interested in history - YEAH! Because, of course, if Z. is asking questions, S. wants to know what's going on.

We spent 20 minutes reading through the highlights of GW's life on wikipeadia last night. It was cool.

Sometimes I wonder who Z. really is...

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