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Monday, May 2, 2011

Wailing and Cake Pops

They actually are related.

Tinker Bell informed us this evening that her best friend, Y. and Y's younger brother, Also-Y., will attend the rival school next year. Tink is taking it pretty well, but Iron Man immediately started to wail.

He sobbed those heavy sobs of someone who can't understand that the physical pain they feel in the region of their heart is from emotion that he can't even articulate. He sobbed for half an hour. I held him and his wet eyes searched mine trying to find the answers. I felt like crying too.

It reminded me of the afternoon my mother informed me of the divorce. She was crying, and then I was crying and she couldn't help me. She couldn't help me, though, as she truly couldn't cope herself. Turns out she's battled clinical depression her entire life and is the person for whom prozac was invented. Prozac saved her life; that and two really amazing psychiatrists. But I digress...

I held it together and held him close and rocked with him. After a while Zeus was able to distract him by talking about other things. I am yin to his yang; I am with the feelings, feeling them. R. is all about moving right past them just as fast as he can and getting to a more comfortable place. I love that about him. I think its what saved me at times when I could have drowned in my own feelings.

But I digress again...

We'll get through this change. New people will fill in the spaces. I'll take up the mantle of responsibility to ensure that my kids stay close with those kids. They really are great kids. They are smart and kind and come from a really great family.

Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you about the Cake Pops. Its what I am doing tonight between intervals of installing logical domains using prototype EVERYTHING! UGH!

Cake Pops... You are going to love 'em.

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