Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three Amazing Things

In the last twenty four hours I have had three amazing moments.

The first moment was last night during our bedtime routine. We were all piled up on the bed reading books. Tinker Bell, just completing 1st grade, read first, then it was my turn to read the Ford 2007 Mustang Brochure. Iron Man was given this brochure by the daughter of our beloved baby sitter. It describes the various Mustang Models available that year and saucy marketing jargon. Iron Man loves cars and he thinks it great the way I ham-up the descriptions. I read it in my "tawdry Harlequin Romance" voice. Its a little abscene, which amuses Zeus! I felt very satisfied, like life was good. That felt great.

As a side note, I have decided I want a 2007 Shelby Mustang GT500KR with a glass roof. That puppy has 540 horsepower and 510 lb. - ft torque. What is torque in a car? It must be important. I want it. Iron Man gave me a hot wheels Lamborghini, but he wants me top bring it back from my office so that he can give me a Mustang. I don't speak Italian, so its okay.

The second moment was this morning at Pre-K. M. brought baby R. and baby R. wasnt' sleeping. She's three months old and I have never seen her awake! Anyway, I was late for work because I held her for about 20 minutes. Man did she feel good in my arms. I held her little chest to mine and I could feel her little beating heart. Man did she feel good.

No worries - I know my limitations. Left to my own devices I am done having babies, but you never know what the Almighty has in store. As they say in Islam, The Almighty doesn't challenge us beyond our ability to succeed, no matter how we feel about stuff.

The third moment wrenched my heart. As I drove to work I heard a man in OK as he talked about the two young sons (a baby and a 3 year old) who (or whom or that? Need English help) he lost in a Tornado in the last day or so. He chocked up and cried as he talked. And I cried as I zoomed down the expressway. I can't imagine his pain. Today I will remember him as often as possible and breath peace for his heart, which will actually never heal.

I am really feeling things today.

God be with that father, and all those who have lost loved ones and friends to natural disaster lately. I hope that those of us further from loss will expand peace for these people to grieve.

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