Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Frantic Planning and Musing on Technology

Pre-K graduation prep is in full swing and there's much to be done, so I am super busy. And last night I passed out reading the children bedtime stories.

Also, we are IM'ing in the office. Its insane and a real time suck if you ask me. I don't IM. I text with my pal E., but other than that, this whole "real time" stuff is intrusive. I'll bet this is how people felt about telephone a hundred years ago.

Funny how technology averse I am. I work with bleeding edge technology. I test the hardware that makes all this bleeding edge stuff hemorage. I work with it before anyone else - in fact.

But at the end of the day I need be no more plugged in than a cell phone. Yeah, I like to surf the web with my smart phone, and use it to keep up with my e-mail, but its not like it publishes my presence, whereabouts, and immediate thoughts.

I'm an old fashioned girl.

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