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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cake Pops

Bright red cake pops. I made 50 of them last night. Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting encased in bright red candy coating. They sold like hot cakes at the bake sale.

On a more somber note... Today's bake sale was to raise money to help a woman in our community who can't afford her cancer treatments. She is a legal immigrant and doesn't qualify for aide. Don't get my started on my views of who is worthy and who isn't with respect to state/federal aid.

The cream cheese frosting was an experiment. It didn't turn out well enough to stand on its own, but to mix into the cake and make balls out of it was scrumptious.

Hey, there's a yummy word... scrumptious. I even spelled it right the first time. I can't spell. I just can't and I am too old to learn. As I often remind my immigrant husband, "Dear, you can spell English because you actually studied the language. I, on the other hand, was born speaking English and educated in California. Its a wonder I have even a rudimentary grasp of grammar!"

And there you have a feel for some more of my rather ardent opinions regarding matters of state.

I learned about Cake Pops from The Pioneer Woman. BTW - if you haven't checked her out, you are missing out on my favorite portal to the world. In short, Ree ROCKS! I wish I was her (but not in a scarey, stockerish kind of way or anything...) Anyway, Ree got the cake pops from Bakerella, who also completely ROCKS! And if I woke up and realized I was her, I'd be okay in a grand way!

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