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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Was It Lunch or a Vacation

Today we lunched with the mother of one of S.'s friends from her swimming class. The daughter, actually, is also an S.

That reminds me...

Yesterday evening at Trader Joe's we ended up in the line of a new checker-girl. And man was she pretty. I mean, the word gorgeous doesn't do her justice. Tall, slender, long black hair, plump happy lips and and easy, happy smile. And crystal blue eyes. And she was sincerely sweet.

Anyway, Mr. 20-something ahead of us in line gave it his best shot. Turns out he's new in town - been here just three weeks. Came from Maryland. He's in IT. I thought he said he was working for Johnson and Johnson, but I must have heard wrong - around these parts it must have been Johnson controls.

He was a cutie. Not too tall, in great shape, well cut blond hair. I had this feeling he was fresh out of the military. Clean cut. Looked great in his red t-shirt. No visible ink.

Yep, he gave it his best shot, but I think Gorgeous is spoken-for. Too bad. They would have made beautiful babies...

But I digress...

We had lunch today with the Mom. Turns out she and I and R. all work for the same super-huge high tech conglomerate - made muchly more huge because her conglomerate ate up ours about a year ago. She was so much fun to talk to. She was comfortable to be around. And we had great food for lunch, too. Left me feeling so high, I thought I'd just spent a week on a tropical island somewhere.

I love to feel like that.

I'm not usually that comfortable with people.

Loved her story about how she met and married her husband. Met him at a trade show in Nice, Fr. Then again 6 months later at a trade show in Chicago. One year and one very serious re-location later and they walked down the aisle. Their first date included dinner in an aquarium - how romantic would that be?!?!?

I am thankful for how good I feel today.

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