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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Reading and The Library

This most certainly has been library week. We went on Monday, got a load of books and have been reading them like crazy ever since. S. reads to us as I comb out her hair. Then I read something from among Z.'s selections.

We completed the Iron Man history book last night. Seems the movies simplified stuff, and took some serious liberties, too. Turns out Pepper and Happy are married in comic-book life, but in the movie Pepper and Tony quite obviously are destined for each other from the very start of the first movie.

And the plot twists! These people seriously took their cues from the soap opera world. Alliances form, crumble and re-form... Its soap opera on steroids!

Went on the quickie field trip with pre-k to the library today. We had a great time. Stories were read, shelves were disheveled. Pure bliss...

Pure Bliss...

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