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Saturday, April 2, 2011

From Frankfurt to Pride

They canceled R.'s flight. Saturday night in Frankfurt instead of home. The little ones took the news pretty well, though.

S. read Greg Mortenson's Listen To The Wind out loud to me while I ate my dinner this evening. She can read anything! Anything! Its amazing and wonderful. Z. hung out and listened, too.

Z. put together the Batman Trio structure thingy that Munnoo had me buy for him. The kit came with all the pieces and Ikea-like instructions as to how to put the thing together. Homeboy, like his beloved and cherished mother, appears to have been born to assemble massive creations simply by interpreting wordless pictures. This Trio stuff must be Swedish. Amen.

Truly, though, he carefully considered each picture, chose the pieces required and referred back as he put each piece in its place. The pieces don't always fit nicely, so once he knew where he wanted them he'd ask me to help secure things.

47 Instructions and 1.25 hours later and the fortress was assembled and ready for play time. Awesome. Awesome! AWESOME.

I am one proud Mama.

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