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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just This Close

Today I devote the entire day, (and yes, that would be a complete 24 hours!) to completing the least two purgatory projects I have been tasked with at work. They will be completed by this weekend and then my life will change. The chains will fall away and I will be free.

Yes, there are always more things, but after six months of working my tushy off I will turn a corner on Wednesday with these projects.

And in my heart, as unhappy as I have been, God has sustained hope for a better situation. He has held my heart when I thought I'd rip it from my own chest. And although I have much work to do, I will complete these two tasks with a joyous heart and start anew.

Faith sustains like nothing else. Without it you are lost and alone.

I want this for my children. I want it for my marriage. I want it for.

So today, as I begin the last push, I can feel the Almighty's hands on my back, holding me up to see the top of the world just ahead. His hands are large and strong and cover my entire back. His palms at my should blades, solid and unwavering.

I am blessed by Him and this day he has given me.

Thank you.

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