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Friday, April 22, 2011

A Kaiku A Day - Haiku Friday

I came across a blog post today (and oh, what a fun journey it was!) that said that today is Haiku Friday. I decided to play along...

A grand place of work
Calculators and printers
Invention nurtured

I just love this idea! It made me think about words, and about how I feel. Doing the exercise made me feel happy.

And the journey there, as I mentioned above was fun, too. I have a bunch of stuff in my RSS reader feed, and from one of the posts I found a web site, and at that site I found another article that tickled me, so I linked to her website and I found Primary Sources. I clicked through to the blog section and, well... the rest is history. The site seems to be the kind of resource I love to read about - writing!

Now, if I don't get back to the doldrums of my work-list, I won't be too happy much longer :-)

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