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Friday, April 29, 2011

Another All Nighter

This week has been busy. Lots to do for *all* the bosses in my life. Seems I have been up until 2AM every night this week (which is pretty much an all-nighter for me).

I never was one to pull all nighters. They render me useless for the following day. But with so many bosses in my life that I dare not disappoint, I seem to have mustered (hey, is the past tense of muster mustered - just like dijon or Grey Poupon?! HA!) some sort of inner umph to keep myself going through the days.

You should bet big money that by tomorrow night I won't have the energy or the inclination to so much as call for pizza - let alone ensure that the home-bosses consume it.

Yep. I am tired. But tomorrow is haiku Friday. It will be my second. I am looking forward to it. I guess its actually today, but not just yet :-) Wonder if it will be inspired by things Royal.

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