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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Most Beautiful Weekend

This past weekend was gorgeous.  Yesterday it was 84 degrees.  And I cleaned out my coat closet, and two-thirds of my kitchen cabinets, and both of my refrigerators.  I was sad to waste my weekend cleaning, but I have just about reached a point in my grand de-cluttering scheme where I can say, things are where I want them to be and the spare stuff is in the garage.

I have been de-cluttering for about 5 years.  We had huge amounts of junk.  Now we don't.  I love that feeling.  With little or no effort my home is tidy.  I like that.  Someone knocks on the door and the first thing I think of is not that my house is a mess.

That's a great satisfaction.  I highly recommend it.

I feel like I am just about to enter a new phase in my life where I can run around and do stuff because I don't always have a mess to clean up first.  Now, some people don't worry about messes, but I just can't stand them.  I guess its a type-A sort of thing, but if there's a mess, I need to clean it up before I can move on to other stuff.

I've lost 15lbs, too.  I am wearing my new, $10 Old Navy Zebra dress.  Zeus said I look fabulous today.

And I feel fabulous.

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