Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Ask Again - Where Were the Hawks

So its in...  Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning.  I wrote a bit at the time of her death asking, "Where were the hawks?"  I wanted to know where the people in her life were, that they didn't A) see this coming and B) do something about it.

Okay - Addiction of any kind is not something with which I have any first-hand experience.  Not me, not the people around me.  So, okay, maybe I don't get it.

But, yeah, I don't get it. 

Second, I didn't know Amy.  Perhaps her self-destructiveness was even more epic than her talent.  To describe her as extreme, most likely, doesn't well explain her at all.  And not knowing her, I guess I can't really imagine how difficult and troubled she must have been.  Again, epic beyond my imagination.

But seriously.  She had enough money for a full-time babysitter, if that's what she needed. And I think that's what she needed.  A full time nanny.  Someone in the room with her watching her like a toddler - taking stuff out of her hands, literally, when it wasn't appropriate for her to have it.  Someone shepherding her every move. 

Arguably, she was an adult, but clearly she never developed certain skills. 

I like to think I would have fought harder than her mother did to save her from herself. 

Yes meddling and over-stepping can be problems, but truly, this girl needed over-stepping - whether she acknowledged it or not.  Someone should have been there.

Such a wasteful loss... 

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