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Friday, October 21, 2011

Broke it Good

I sure did.

In my zeal to clean out part of my lab, I un-cabled a bunch of machines last week.  I started by completely disconnecting all the network connections to the switch at the end of the row.  I forgot about the connection from the switch to the rest of the world...

Its times like this when I am really thankful to work in a lab environment and not an online data center :-)

Anyway, I have quietly chased patch cables in my spare time all week.  At this point I lift it up to the Almighty.  I power cycled the switch.  I can talk to the machine through the serial port, but the network appears to be hosed.  But not completely because I am talking to the serial port concentrator through the network.  Hummm...

In other news - Iron Man want to be a goalie.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.  Cold, hard rubber pucks hurling at un-Godly speeds towards Iron Man's beautiful little face...  Nope, not sure I am down with that. 

Tinker Bell practiced her cross-overs for the full half hour yesterday.  After just two lesson at the country's busiest Ice Center she looks fabulous.  I like that place.  They have a lot of work to do to undo some of the stuff she does as the result of lazy teaching, but I think she's doing really well.  She learns very quickly.

Busy weekend ahead - pumpkin carving party tomorrow, folks coming over Monday night for dinner.  Lunch with Theresa on Wednesday...

Yippy its Friday!

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