Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Band-Aid is Giving Me a Heart Attack

Wailed Iron Man.

It was an epic morning.

This declaration occurred while Zeus was on an early morning conference call and I was in the shower - a head full of shampoo...  I asked Iron Man to calm down and wait until I got out of the shower for me to fix the band aid situation.  See, yesterday afternoon he skid elbow-first and really did give himself a rather painful looking boo-boo.

As I rinsed away the shampoo I wondered what I had in my medical supply box in the hall that would appease my beloved 5 year old.  The Almighty must have heard and had a moment because by the time I dried off, robed-up and arrived  in the hall, there was a box of elbow and knee band aids just waiting for me.  I have no recollection of buying them or ever using them before, but the box was open, so...

I put the band aid on Iron Man and he said it felt great - like he could use his elbow again.  For what he will use that elbow, I have no idea, but hey...  The tears are gone and we got to school on time.

Band-Aids - a gift from the Almighty himself.  Thank you.

And then I arrived at work.  There were donuts.


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