Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blessed Day Indeed

Today was just right. I went with S.'s kinder/1st class to the Children's Discovery Museum. Mom went, too. We had egg sandwiches for lunch - a special treat S. really loves. The ration was 2 students per chaperon which really made it easy to enjoy being together. I helped S. make a corn husk doll. We also made a mobile. They had foam shapes the children could punch holes in. The hole-punchers were difficult for S.'s little hands, so I punched the holes.

We had a good time.

S. and I went to get Z. at about 3:30. We were going to Target up on Steven's Creek, but S. wanted to got to the new Target in Sunnyvale, and Z. wanted to go there, too, so at the last moment I hung a right onto Sunnyvale/Saratoga road. Turns out it was a super cool thing!

As we drove past my much mourned Pak-N-Save, they were tearing down the last of the building. I swerved to go into the parking lot and we got out of the car and spent about half an hour watching as the huge "scoops" pulled down the wall and moved massive piles of building-junk all over. It was really exciting. We had a blast just watching them work.

I am thankful to have such great memories. We really enjoyed each other.

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