Wednesday, March 24, 2010

As Soon As I Am Able to Put The Leaves Back On The Trees

Last fall Z. went through a phase where he would ask for the impossible and get totally bent when he couldn't have what he wanted. One evening in particular, as we pulled up to the house, he saw that all the dead leaves had been blown off the trees. He was very upset. As far as we was concerned the leaves should only be on the trees. He screamed for me to put them back on the tree. He was upset for 45 minutes.

Z. has a very strong sense of place and order. He's been like that since he was about 13 months old. He is tidy and particular about stuff.

Shortly after the leaves and trees incident, we sold our 1995 Ford Taurus. Affectionately referred to by Z. as the brown car. When we all left the parking lot in the van, and the guy took the car Z. went crazy. He wanted the car back. His uneasiness went on for quite a while - i.e. weeks and weeks.

A couple of weeks after the sale, as we pulled up to the house, Z. again demanded that we get the brown car back. I told him that I'd get to that task as soon as I figured out my first task, which was to get the leaves back onto the trees.

Henceforth, when Z. asks for something impossible, I tell him I'll do it as soon as I finish putting the leaves back on the trees.

Well, today he called me on it. He pointed out that the leaves, although quite small, seemed to be back on the trees.

I now need to get the brown car back :-)

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