Monday, November 21, 2011

My Cooking Mojo has a Voice

Apparently I channel Paula Dean for my recently returned cooking mojo.

She's in my head. 

I was out on looking for mashed potato advice and saw that Paula had a recipe.  I decided to read it.  No sooner did I start to paruse the ingredients than I realized that she was reading them to me in my head.  I could hear her voice.


She's still there.  As I type this, its her voice.

I don't watch Paula Dean.  I've never made one of her recipes before.  Yes, I've seen her a few times while flipping channels back in the days when I watched TV.  And yes, she's all over the grocery store, but...

Come on!  Paula Dean is in my head.  OMG.

I have done a fair amount of cooking lately, and while I have felt for the last year or so that I'd lost my cooking mojo, its felt lately like I may have it back. 

Cooking mojo is something that defines me.  And, come to think of it, I've felt more defined lately. 

But, seriously.  Paula Dean. 

She's a good woman.  And a good cook.  But I sure hope she is just a stand in for the inner voice of my cooking mojo... 

Or maybe I should just accept her sweet southern drawl and throw myself in with both Mid-Atlantic feet :-)


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