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Friday, November 18, 2011

The Arrogance

Its been a while...  A while since I last posted and a while since I last ranted about the new neighbors...  the new corporate neighbors.

They aren't neighbors, they are the new landlords.  The Billionaire Stalker and his happy band of kid-programmers, re-shaping how the universe interacts and gets *way* too much information - but then again, that's because most people are too to keep anything private any more.  But already I digress...

The point is, the folks that bought my campus have totally ripped it apart.  It was beautiful.  And tasteful. It was serene and corporate.  It was a nice place to be.

I won't have to watch this insanity after Dec. 13.  My lab and all my machines are moving.  300K worth per trip, down the great highway to our new digs...

Digression again...

The last week or so they have been trenching out in the courtyard as if there were about to be a war.  Seems they are finishing up, though...  Lots of large pipes sticking out - I think The Stalker is building himself a water park for a giant Slip-and-Slide or some such other corporate tomfoolery.  It would be just like him...

This campus is located in a region of the English speaking world where it doesn't rain for about 6 to 8 months out of the year.  And heaven help you when it rains, its known as El Nino (image a twiddle over that second n, please.).

Its arrogance to install a corporate Slip-n-Slide, but I guess that is what you do when you are barely 30  years old and have a billion $$$.

Thank you.

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