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Friday, July 15, 2011

Its Friday again, which means it Haiku Friday. This week the word is weeds.

Don't forget to check out Kim. She inspires me on many levels.


Its almost gone now.
In the courtyard only weeds
All our broken dreams

I work for a large, super-large, high-tech multi-national soup-to-nuts computing solutions company. Our color is not blue, although I wish it had been. I am a hardware gal, and my hardware lab is in the complex that's been sold to the billionaire stalker, who is totally re-building the place. As of today we've been denied access to the beautiful inner courtyard area of the complex. I have always personally felt that our courtyard was a somewhat magical place. Its a serene place that I loved to traverse. Its hard to be here and watch the changes someone else is making. This was our place. Now its not. And I feel like our dreams have truly been demolished with the changes made by others.

I have been quite bitter and disillusioned by the corporate circumstances of the last two years. Yes, I still have a job, but why did we get sold out? Why was our management so busy putting their hair in pony tails that they couldn't make our wonderful products sell?

Its a sad, weedy kinda day.

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