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Friday, July 8, 2011

Another Haiku Friday

Its Friday again, which means it Haiku Friday. This week the word is story.

Don't forget to check out Kim. She inspires me on many levels.


I have a story
Evolving within my heart
Filled with love and stuff

I have a story
Evolving with love and stuff
My heart deeply blessed

I have a story
Evolving with love and stuff
Of my heart's blessings

I am no haiku master, but I'll try to keep trying :-) You know, I do this while I am busy working - and my work just aint all that zen-like. More like the anti-zen.

What a tough space in which to spend so much of my time. Through it all, I am smiling today - tears don't seem too close to my surface, but that could change if the boss-man decides to break his promise and harass me before Tuesday :-)

Yes, the mood is light
And my heart is floating high
A good story now

You know, its true, if I just get my fingers moving I find things in me, places in my imagination, and words that all come together and actually kinda work.

The blessings are flowing today. Maybe I can channel them into my work, which I must get back to now.

Love Crazy!

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