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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just Plain Creepy

This night has finally arrived. The much anticipated 10 hour visit is upon us! My BIL is on a layover on his way to Tokyo. The kids are over the moon happy to see him. We had a great time just chatting. He's a good-hearted soul.

But... We drove up to the airport and out to the Cell Phone Parking area. As I drove through the lot I saw a large white van that appeared to be re-inforced such that no one would be able to get out of the windows. And printed on the side of the van was:

Prisoner Extradition Van. Stay Back.

I locked the doors to my car immediately! I could see through the mesh that there were people in the van wearing orange jump suites. S wanted to know why I locked the doors and why I would not let her unbuckle her seat belt.

I told her the truth, "If one of those prisoners gets loose, I want to be ready to run him over with my car if he starts looking in our direction."

And I meant it.

I was really happy when the van pulled away.

Cell Phone Parking Lot... What an odd name if you really think about it. And what a creepy place.

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