Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Tooth Fairy's Been Busy

Really Busy with S. lately. The day before yesterday, as we prep'd for school S.'s left front tooth was super loose. (She has already lost the right front tooth.) I ran out of the bathroom and told her to extract it herself. You see, I can take all forms of childish goo - I don't mind the blood, the barf, the poop... But I can't take loose teeth. They gross me out.

Gross. Me. Out!

So finally, the tooth fell out. She did a great job of extracting it and we put it in a Ziplock bag. We forgot to put it under the pillow that night, so I told S. that the tooth fairy woke me up to complain :-) So we put it under her pillow last night. She forgot to check this morning.

I'll remind her tonight. The tooth fairy is very busy and can't make three trips just to complete one payoff. She really chewed me out about it last night.

Nothing like a tongue lashing for the Tooth Fairy...

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