Friday, October 29, 2010

Time To Bash

Its been busy. And I've been down. Actually, I've been down since about February. But that's a post for a different blog...

Suffice to say, I have been considering not doing a big Thanksgiving this year. I've done a big bash every year since I met R. This will be our 20th Thanksgiving together. Anyway, I've thought I couldn't do it this year, but then I read Ezra's post and I kicked myself in my own ass. What a wuss I would be not to get into the cheer of it.

Besides, its a tradition and my children need this in their lives.

When I was in Dallas the last time, I was pregnant w/ Z and S was not quite 18 months, I went out to Forth Worth and saw an exhibit of photographs of the photographer's wife with her three sisters - there was one photo for each year over a 20 or 25 year period. The women always stood in the same order and the shot was just of them - the background was not important nor prominent. It was very powerful. The captions of each photo described a bit of what was happening at each point in time. I want to do that kind of project with S & Z.

So, in honor of Ezra I will bash on Thanksgiving and photograph S & Z specifically for the record book. I'll share it here.


Here's a link about the exhibit I saw at the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art. The Photographer was Nicholas Nixon and the exhibit is The Brown Sisters.

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